Black Frame Half Cell


Black Frame Design With Higher Output Power



Efficiency : 20.64% - 21.48%
Size: 2094 x 1134 x 35 mm


Efficiency : 20.70% - 21.67%
Size: 2279 x 1134 x 35m mm


Efficiency : 21.30% - 21.84%
Size: 2465 x 1134 x 35 mm

Product advantages

MBB Technology

With multi-busbar technology, the current transverse propagation path decreases by 50%, reduces resistance loss effectively, meanwhile, the short distance between the busbars allows the better collection of the electrons and lead to higher power yield.

Half cut cells

Sunwe’s non-destructive cutting technology can reduce linear loss of each solar module. The half cell technology decreases the average operating temperature of the cell and modules and therefore increase the total energy output of your solar project.

30 years lifetime

Strict raw materials quality control ,manufacturing quality control, multiple testing processes are the three main factors to improve our module’s reliability, to stand the test of time in the long tun for at least 30 years.

Superior performance

Reduced hot spot risk with optimized electrical design and lower operating current, Anti-PID and low LID features enhance excellent power performance of our solar modules to secure their owner’s investment.

Cost saving

Every Sunwe solar panel is manufactured in our own production lines which are equipped with the latest fully automated facilities, lowest defect rate and less labour cost makes our modules more affordable but also at the same time with high quality standard.

Lower Bos cost and LCOE

Adopting 166mm large cells highly improves the maximum output power and the module efficiency to a new level, and therefore significantly reduce the BOS cost of the solar system and the LCOE for the investors.

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