Production control

100% 2 times EL tests
Full automatic production line
Advanced MES system
State-of-art manufacturing eqiupment

Solar cells cutting

Pv cells cutting will only be used during the production of half cell and customized solar modules , with high accuracy laser cutting machines to prevent cells performance from damaging.

Solar cells welding into strings

Sunwe’s Fully automatic laser soldering technology can highly ensure the stable tension of the cells string . High speed welding equipment guarantees the high efficiency production rate and significantly reduce the production cost.

Automatic Laying

Automatic laying platform will accurately lay up the solar glass, first layer of EVA film, cells strings, second layer of EVA film and solar backsheet.

EL test

Through rigorous EL test to avoid micro cracks and other invisible defects,the defective cells can be precisely found out by the optical inspection equipment.


In the automatic process of lamination, International- advanced unmanned lamination technology together with the MES system which tracking and verifying the parameters can ensure higher module quality and longer service life.


Fully Automatic gluing and framing system will make sure the frame glued in stability and leakproofness, excessive glue will also be kept in line without stain.

Junction box fixing

All the junction box will be fully glued with high quality silicone sealants to ensure 100% safety level and expand solar panel’s life span.

Flash testing

China national institute of metrology measures the flash testing facility every year to guarantee the accuracy of flash testing report. The modules output power must be in positive tolerance before entering into package line.


Using high strength wrapping strip and protection materials, with wooden pallet and strong carton box outside can effectively avoid the damage rate of solar panels during transportation.